How To Create An App With Mobiroller?

Create apps, do you with Mobiroller. That’s online software that everyone can build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. But how to create an app without coding for free? This article explains the principles.

From Beginner To Pro

Mobiroller is there for everyone. Program knowledge is not required. As a beginner, you can create a simple app within a few hours thanks to the pre-programmed building blocks. Professional developers build Mobiroller advanced apps, including data links and custom JavaScript.

Creating an app is free. You do not have to pay until you really publish the app in the app stores. So feel free to experiment! During your build, you can always watch your app on your smartphone with the free previewer.

Sign In

You start creating an account with Mobiroller. That is free and obligates you for nothing. You can build an unlimited number of apps. Create your account here.

Use A Website As A Base

Your website or your client’s website is a good starting point for an app. You can partially take over the design and content of your website in your app. As a first step in creating an app, you can automatically scan your website. That can be done in a few seconds. You enter the URL, and the Mobiroller CMS scans the website on the presence of photos, videos, Facebook and Twitter accounts and RSS feed. That information can be put in your app. You can also skip this step and fill out your app with other information.

Design Your App

Before moving on, choose a basic design for your app. There are a lot of ready-made designs ready for you, the so-called skins. With a few adjustments, you make a unique design with those skins. There are also many different icons available. You can also create your own icons. To give your app a professional design, you can possibly hire a graphic designer.

The “skin” you choose has a certain color scheme and navigation menu. You can change this later, but what you choose here is the basic layout for your app. Want to know what to look for when choosing the main menu? When you prefer to choose a text menu or icon menu? Then read the article how do you choose the main menu for your app?

You have now scanned your website and selected design. The base of your app is done. You can continue building.

Choose Your Building Blocks

Simply add functionality to your app by choosing building blocks. Click ‘Add Block, ‘ and you’ll see which building blocks are there. Click on a block, and you will get a brief explanation of the function of the block. By building block, you can determine the contents of the text of a block and how the block should look. You can take over the design of the app or design a building block separately.

All content is placed through these building blocks: texts about your company, congress or association, a calendar, call me now function, etc. You can also make links with information elsewhere on the internet. That can be done via RSS, a YouTube channel or a Twitter account or Facebook. You can connect to web services or import data through Excel.

Developers Can Create Their Own Functionality With JavaScript.

Watch Your App Live

Install the Previewer on your phone; then you can view the app on your own phone at any time of the construction process. You can also watch others during the construction process. Building an app is still free at this point. Only when you publish in the stores will you pay.

To Publish

Once your app is ready, you can publish the app to the different app stores for iOS and Android. You do that with Apple in the App Store, on Android in Google Play. You can also publish apps without putting them in the app stores. That’s called an enterprise app, and it’s spread through a URL. These are, for example, internal business applications.

Use Your App

Once your app is in stores, anyone can download and use your app. How many people install your app, which operating system and where they are located, you can see the statistics that you can see in a clear dashboard. You can also link your own Google Analytics account to your app, so you have limited information about using the app at your disposal. It’s great to use them side by side because the Mobiroller analytics provide much more detailed information about the app usage.